• Become a Full Stack Web Developer FREE online

    Published 31/01/16
    Edited: 24/03/17

    Hey there,

    Did you know ? You can become a full stack web developer by learning online.
    Your own time, pace and at home.

    What do you need ?

    • Internet
    • A pc/laptop
    • Notebook + pen
    • You need to be eager to learn (learning online takes dedication)

    What will you learn ?

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JavaScript
    • jQuery
    • A server-side language of your choice
    • SQL
    • Frameworks and others

    After doing these courses you will be able to make beautiful, responsive and interactive website.. LIKE A BOSS !

    Most of the courses I chose CodeCademy as I really like the site and its completely free recently they introduced Pro which has additional information and lessons(you don’t have to do it)

    The reasons why I like CodeCademy is that they give you the information, teach it to you and make you implement it and you are made to do the work as you go along, they also have a forum section so if you do get stuck you can always head over and someone will gladly assist you.

    First I would recommend HTML & CSS on CodeCademy

    After HTML & CSS I recommend Make a website or diploma in web development (you can skip if you want)

    Next I say JavaScript, while JS  is a bit more challenging I recommend using The New Boston JavaScript course, thereafter come to CodeCademy JavaScript Course, You can switch between them as you doing it section. I suggest using New Boston as learning JavaScript by hearing someone is much easier to understand and remember, So you could listen to the lesson and then come over to CodeCademy read there lesson and then implement the code, you will learn and understand it easier ..

    Next you could dive into a library of Javascript called jQuery or you could go onto a server-side language there’s a few languages you could choose from, I would say go with PHP or Python. PHP 1, 2 ~ Python

    Note: Important to research, find out and choose a server side language that will be suitable for you. An article

    SQL is also a language that you should learn.

    If you decided to learn jquery and PHP then I would say add in Ajax the three of them combined can build powerful and interactive websites. see

    A good website to learn language concepts and syntax is sololearn.com

    Some additional courses which are recommended (free)

    A free and easy, simple code editor is Notepad ++

    As you are watching and reading the information take down notes, Have a book from HTML and CSS one for JavaScript ect, When you are taking notes down copy down word to word write down in your own words and as you understand it. If you forget something you know you have notes to come back to. Also while you are doing the course keep on testing and practicing your knowledge then only can you learn.

    Nice resources:

    FOR STUDY TIPS & TRICKS click here

    Thank You


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